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Our Services

Ready-to-mount Systems - Engineering - Engineering Support - Concepts


  • complete electrical integration inclusive schematic and wiring
  • mechanicale construction car body und vehicle sections
  • optimized component layout with perfect installation space use
  • standard based patterning
  • standardized strukturing of electical components
  • Platform Design
  • Standardisation
  • Lightweight Construction

Additionaly we deliver technical concepts for best solutions. Technically well-conceived and cost-optimized.

Onboard-Systems und Components

  • Delivery of ready-to-mount systems, like high voltage racks, auxillary racks, switching boxes, batterie containers
  • Vehicle integration, mechanically und electrically
  • Lightweight design

Delivery with complete documentation for vehicle homologation.

Organisation and Trouble Shooting

  • engineering department organisation, electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Process design
  • extensive wiring corrections during prototype oder pre-series phases
  • Emergency-Processes
  • Cost-cutting measures
  • reconstruction work at the customer